Ariterm manufactures Finnish heating systems

The Ariterm Service Oy factory in Finland offers reliable heating solutions for Northern weather conditions, from heating your house to supplying an entire heating center. The main items of our company are central heating boilers and burners, components for bio heating and comprehensive systems for producing hot water. Our model series includes modern heating designs for cottages, farms, residential and commercial buildings. The company has been operating for an entire century and is not satisfied only with familiar heating solutions, but is actively developing new and more ecological, efficient and safe heating methods. Thanks to our high product quality, we are trusted and have become a known heating equipment manufacturer on the Nordic countries.

Your choice of a heating type

The choice of heating type is affected by many factors: availability, efficiency, ecology and quality. And do not forget safety, and simplicity of maintenance and operation. It is worth thinking carefully about the choice, based on personal demands and goals. Many people choose Ariterm, a respected and reliable Finnish manufacturer.


Notice to our Partners:


We are happy to inform you of the continuation of the Ariterm business under the same brand and team.

Ariterm Service Oy (established 2012) has in October 2019 acquired the product rights and manufacturing resources for all Ariterm and Säätötuli products at and above 200kW.

More than 20 members of the original Ariterm team have joined the new organization built around the pre-existing service and spare parts company of the now defunct Ariterm Group. Operations continue in the same familiar facilities in Saarijärvi with the same spirit and even more drive.

Sales, production and spare parts deliveries continue for the foreseeable future with the clear objective of meeting and exceeding the old Ariterm business performance and customer satisfaction. The existing products and services will continue to be improved and we have new things on the way.

Production continues: Ariterm Ventus (delivered in September) and Biojet Multi (delivered in October) being assembled at the Ariterm Service Oy facilities in Saarijärvi.

Financing is secure, the first months of the new operations have been already been profitable with positive cashflow and excellent future outlook.

Confidence in our products, trust in our partners and the strong determination to meet the gap in the market left by Ariterm group drives us forward.

Be part of the future with us!

Best Regards,
Ariterm Service Oy team
Saarijärvi, Finland

More information:
CEO, CFO: Jari Kanervo +358 40 8309180
Director, Sales and Marketing: Antti Lilleberg +358 40 596 2905

Notice to our Partners- Ariterm Service Oy 14NOV19

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We have supplied over 100 thermal stations with output of 200–6,000 kW, hundreds of small container bio heating systems and a large amount of heating equipment.

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