Control center: Hydrobottom 40 kW –>, JuniorCont 50-150 kW


  • Hot air systems
  • HotAir Cont heating containers 500-650 kW


  • Feeding auger forward and backward
  • Ash removal with 2 augers control
  • Grate mechanism with gera motor forward and backward
  • 1-4 air fans
  • Hydraulic scrapers’ operation control
  • Possible to use 2 different augers, then no grate mechanism with gear motor
  • In the system where are two feeding augers, the fuel silo auger has forward and backward driving option.
  • Optic flame detetction
  • Air temperature settings


  • STOP -circle
  • Air over heating protection
  • Gear motor protection relay
  • Flame detetctor
  • Fire back control
  • Grate mechanism operation malfunction
  • Water circulation pressure control
  • Hydraulic unit control alarms
  • Optional extra output for 1-2 alarms
  • Fuel low level alarm (Option)