Control center: Floor scraper system, JumboCont 200-500 kW


  • JumboCont Heating containers 200-500 kW
  • Floor scraper systems 40-500 kW


  • Feeding auger control forward backward
  • Control option for 3 ash augers
  • Hydraulic grate mechanism forward and backward movement control
  • 1-4 air fans control or control cards
  • A few feeding augers control option
  • 1-2 roofs opening control
  • Hydraulic feeding bottom control option
  • 1-3 floor scrapers control option
  • Fuel channel level sensor control
  • Moduling control of the heating sysytem working with the boiler temperature sensor
  • Lambda sensor control option
  • Water temperature measuring
  • Dry boiling prevention control
  • Smoke gas temperature measuring
  • Optic flame detetctor


  • STOP circle (Stop buttons, dry boiling preventer)
  • Boiler overheat protection
  • Motor thermo relay protection
  • Flame detetctor
  • Fire back control
  • Grate mechanism milfunction
  • Hydraulic unit milfunction sensors
  • Fuel low level control
  • Fire chamber air over pressure
  • Smoke gas exhauster frequency transformer control
  • Scrapers’ operation milfunction
  • Water circulation pumps’ motor protection control
  • Boiler water control
  • Fuel silo roof control
  • Optional alarm outputs up to 200 pcs.