Size class: 700 – 1500 kW
Fuel: Mixed fuel, Peat, Peat pellet, Wood chips, Wood pellet
Guarantee: 1 year

saatotuli biocont

  • Säätötuli MultiJumbo bio heating container is effective way to build for example district heating complex.
  • Heating complex is made of two parts: insulated boiler room and fuel hopper room with opening roof.
  • Includes all technical solutions and equipment. Complex can be adjusted to certain users’ needs and requirements.
  • Jumbo Container is effective, practical and reliable solution.
  • Container is a convinient way to accomplish nature friendly bioheating.
  • Container is made from fire proof materials, fire proof class EI 60
  • Monocoque steel carcass and other materials are fire proof.
  • Roof opening mechanism with hydraulic power.
  • Ready-to-use heating system, only water circulation pipes and electricity supply cable should be connected to the container.
  • Colours of the walls and the roof can be chosen from the RR colour map.
  • Junior cont is constructed so, that it can be transported to different places.
  • JuniorCont can be constructed to be used with ramp


Multijumbo Bio container has all the same equipment as the Junior -model, and also:


Measured water circulation pumps

Welded and insulated water pipelines

Automatic ash removal system

GSM-alarm system inbuilt in the PLC

Dry boiling prevention


Additional heating circulation

Heat exchanger for hot sanitary water

Energy counter –

  • Energy counter measures the heating energy that goes to the pipeline.
  • Very effective and useful for heating etrepreneur.

Automatic pneumatic boiler cleaning system-

  • Cleans boiler using pressured air.
  • Provides more effective burning and heat exchanging process

Raised (higher) roof –> bigger fuel hopper

Cyclone –

  • Cleans smoke gases
  • Should be assembled together with smoke gas exhauster

Remote control system

  • Web -based remote control system
  • Intouch remote control (wider control system)
  • Bioheating system’s remote control via internet.

700 - 1500 kW

700 kW 1000 kW 1500 kW
Ash removal Water ash removalWater ash removalWater ash removal
Automation PLC C570EPLC C570ELogic C570E
Boiler 700 kW 4-10 bar1000 kW 4-10 bar1500 kW 4-10 bar
Burner Ceramic 700 kWCeramic 1000 kWCeramic 1500 kW
Carcass / Wall Steel+ Rock wool+steel sandwich panels (EI60)Steel+ Rock wool+steel sandwich panels (EI60)Steel + Paroc elemet (EI60)
Chimney Chimney dimensions depend on projectChimney dimensions depend on projectChimney dimensions depend on project
Dimensions L×B×H 9,3 m x 11,0 m x 6,9 m9,3 m x 11,0 m x 6,9 m9,3 m x 11,0 m x 6,9 m
Dry boiling preventer ObligatoryObligatoryObligatory
Feeding system / Auger Ø 3 pcs floor scrapers 190 mm3 pcs floor scrapers 190 mm3 pcs floor scrapers / 190 mm
Fuel hopper size 80 m380 m380 m3
Grate mechanism Yes hydraulicYes hydraulicYes hydraulic
Smoke gas exhauster YesYesYes