Wood chips

Woodchips is a pure heat energy source from the forest. the consuptions of chipped wood from felling waste, felled and lopped timber as heatin fuel for articular, industrial and municipal buldings is rapidly these days.

Heatin with woodchips is most applicable in the case when there is self-sufficient fuel source and adequate resources available for collecting it. Woodchips can also purchased from heating entrepreneurs and their subcntractors.

Woodchips consist of mechanically chipped logs, usually, but not necessarily peeled.The proped size of the woodchips to be used in Säätötuli burners depends on the size of the feeding auger; the smaller the auger the smaller are the woodchips. The properties of the woodchips to be concidered include such parameters as moisure, effective calorific value, fraction size and density per cubic meter. Moisture is the most important factor of all the abovementioned. Moisture has major effect on the heat value, fuel efficiency and oprational behavior of the equipment. Not to mention, that the fuel consumption is in direct prpportion with the moisture content.

High quality woodchips should satisfy the following requirements:

Fraction size 5-50 mm,
Even properties,
Optimal moisture content 20%-25%,
Maximum moisture content 40%