How the bio heating works

With the bioburner, heat is generated from solid fuel connected to a boiler. The bio burner works automatically guided by the boiler’s thermostat.
When the boiler’s water temperature falls below the set temperature, the burner turns on and an auger begins periodic delivery of fuel from the storage bin to the burning area. At the same time, the fan turns on and creates a strng nd bright flame.

Because of clean an precise burning with a little soot is created depending on the type of fuel used. When the boiler water reaches the desired temperature, the system switches to state of maintenance. A precise logic controlled automation makes use of the burner in the summer time also possible.

The Säätötuli bio burner is compatible with all solid fuel boilers. A seperate heat accumalator is not needed if the output from the boiler’s hot water coil is sufficient.

Safety factors for the burner

The safety of equipment produced by Säätötuli based on the air-thightness of the fuel storage bin and the roundness of delivery auger. Also it is necsessary ensure the proper airflow from the chimney.

User safety can be increased with seperate water and foam based extinguishers, which can be used during an electrical black-out. A clog-free extinguishing valve allows for a sprinkler to installed in the fuel auger pipe.

These days many choose to have their heating equipment monitoredby a security system, which sends a message to a mobile phone in problem situations.