HANDY Strong

Size class: 40 – 80 kW
Fuel: Mixed fuel, Peat, Peat pellet, Wood chips, Wood pellet
Guarantee: 1 year

  • HANDY Strong bioburner is the ”big brother” of Standard modell. HANDY Strong burner is equipped with stronger gear motor and bigger fuel hopper.
  • Is especially suitable for the small spaces and more rough wood chips would be used.
  • Make industry wood chips use possible
  • Strong gear motor and feeding auger
  • Strong model is designed to be placed in the boiler room.
  • V-shaped bottom helps to move fuel inside the fuel hopper and ensures fuel stable feeding to the burner
  • To be filled manually
  • PLC control can vary: C110 40-60 and C200 with 80 kW burners.

Burner heads

Säätötuli burners and their grates are durable and longlife.

Thanks to construction Säätötuli bioburners make burning process clear and efficient: as a result there is high efficiency ratio and small amount of ashes.

All burners are air cooling and as fuel can be pellets, peat briquettes and wood chips used.

Säätötuli burners are tested in VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) and SP (technical Research institute of Sweden) to meet EN 303-5 standard requirements.

Correct use of the bio-burners and regular maintenance will ensure reliability and long life for the burner.


Säätötuli- burner 40-60 kW

  • Is made of steel
  • Burning air is fed by one air fan. Primary and secondary air is devided inside the burner with special construction.
  • 40 kW burner can also have a grate mechanism, which is very convinient to use with grain and peat as fuel.
  • Inner cast iron part can be easily taken off and changed.
  • Burner air feeds by 1 air fan. Air divides to primary and secondary air inside the burner thanks to its construction.

Säätötuli- burner 80 kW

  • Is made of steel
  • Burner is equipped with 2 air fans: 2 different air feeding fans for primary and secondary air make possible to have optimum burning and small air coefficient, so the smoke gases burn clearly.
  • Thanks to 2 air fans burning air proportion can be changed and adjusted depending on the used fuel.
  • (80 kW burner is always equipped with grate mechanism (”moving grate”) to help burning cleanig from ashes.
  • Grate mechanism is especially important when using peat or grain (also grain drying waste) as fuel.

Extra equipments


Safety Pack
Safety system uses pressure sprinkler valves to ensure safety during electricity or waterlines failure.

Safety Pack Pulse
Safety system with magnetic valves.

Safety Pack Pellet
Safety system working with powder extinguishers: convinient to use with pellets, where water can damage feeding tubes and augers.


GSM modem sends SMS to the mobile in case of possible malfunctions of the burner of feeding.

In most of PLC control boards the GSM alarm system is built in the control box and programm.

Technical info

Handy Strong

Unit Ratio
Automation PLC C110 40-60 kW C 200 80 kW
Burner size kW40, 60 ja 80
Counter blade Extra equipment
Feeding auger Ø mm110
Fuel hopper size Liter420 / 920
Gear motor kW0,55

Fuel types

Diameter Particle size MAX
Pellets wood / peat
Wood chips Ø mm 40
Peat Ø mm 60
Briquettes Ø mm 40


40kW 40 kW 60 kW 80 kW
Fuel hopper 420 L 920 L 920 L 920 L
A 700 1300 1300 1300
B 700 700 700 700
C min 550 550 600 600
D min 1310 1310 1360 1360
E 570 650 650 650
F 1500 1500 1500 1500
G min 200 200 170 170
H 230 230 330 330
I 230 170 330 330


Unit Size of the burner (breadth, height, length) Burner opening in the boiler min. (breadth, height)
40 kW mm 230, 230, 550 250, 250
40 kW with grate mechanism mm 230, 230, 550 250, 250
60 kW mm 340, 340, - 360, 360
80 kW with grate mechanism mm 336, 336, - 360, 360