• Säätötuli in cooperation with MEPU Ltd produces hot air producing containers.
  • Hot air containers can be used in big halls, green houses, public tents and also big construction sites heating.
  • Effective heating mode for bigger sites
  • Efficiency range 300-650 kW
  • Bio fuels can be used: wood chips, peat and pellets.
  • Operation controls by PLC C410


Technical info

Säätötuli Hot air container

300 - 500 kW
Air amount 17 000-24 000 m3/ h
Air outlet pipe Ø 630 mm
Air pressure 500 Pa
Automation PLC C400
Bio burner Säätötuli KAKS2
Easy to transport and move Yes
Effect max 300-500 kW
Fuel types Wood chips, peat, pellets
Hot air furnace and container Mepu
Needed connection 11-12,5 kW
Used power supply 380 V / 50 Hz
Weight 4500 kg