City pellet container

Size class: 50 – 150 kW
Fuel: Peat pellet, Wood pellet
Guarantee: 1 year

  • CITY Pellet container has boiler room part and fuel hopper (pellet silo) part.
  • Container standard models are 50-150 kW
  • Also bigger sized containers are available
  • Ready to use complex
  • Equipped with City +pellet burner and Säätötuli boiler.
  • Plumber and electricity installation done: container should be only connected to the water pipelines and electricity power supply.
  • The most popular places to use are industrial buildings and housing associations.
  • Chimney is also included to the container equipment


Technical info

City pellet container 50 - 80 kW

50/60 kW 80 kW
Ash removal YesYes
Automation PLC board C201PLC board C201
Boiler Säätötuli 50-60 kWSäätötuli 80 kW
Burner 40/60 kW steel80 kW steel
Carcass/ wall materilas SteelSteel
Dry boiling preventer NoNo
Feeding system / feeding auger City-burner / 110 mmCity-burner / 110 mm
Grate mechanism NoYes
Hot water coil YesYes
Measurements 3,2 m × 6,5 m3,2 m × 6,5 m
Pellet silo height 6,1 m6,1 m
Pipelines 1+11+1
Silo volume 36 m336 m3
Smoke gas exhauster NoYes
Steel element chimney YesYes

City pellet container 120 - 150 kW

120 kW 150 kW
Measurements 3,2 m × 6,5 m 3,2 m × 6,5 m
Pellet silo height 6,1 m 6,1 m
Silo volume 36 m3 36 m3
Feeding system / feeding auger City burner / 150 mm City burner / 150 mm
Carcass/ wall materilas Teräs Teräs
Boiler Säätötuli 120 kW Säätötuli 150 kW
Burner head 120 kW Steel 150 kW Steel
Grate mechanism Yes Yes
Automation Logic C201 Logic C201
Ash removal Yes Yes
Hot water coil Yes Yes
Pipelines 1+1 1+1
Dry boiling preventer Yes Yes
Smoke gas exhauster Yes Yes
Steel element chimney Yes Yes